1. The Proper Watering Amount For Your Plants

    Water is something we all need to sustain ourselves. In the human body, up to 60 percent of our body is water. The heart and the brain alone are composed of 73 percent water, and the lung is 83 percent. You’re probably thinking that’s a lot of water, and it is. That’s why a person has to consume at least eight ounces of water or two liters every day. While that might seem a little excessive …Read More

  2. Common Plants To Grow Indoors

    Indoor gardening can mean a variety of things. It can mean that you want to produce your own produces to cut down on how much you purchase at the grocery store or to decrease your carbon footprint in the environment. It can mean creating a spice and herb garden that you can use to cook with. It can also mean creating a garden to help cleanse the air in your home or to create lush plants for your o…Read More

  3. The Benefits Of Growing Plants Inside

    If you’re thinking about growing plants indoors, then you’ve come to the right place. Our blog will go into thorough details of the benefits of growing plants indoors. While you might be on the fence right now between starting an indoor garden or putting one outside, we’ll provide the information you need to better understand what might be the right decision for your home. Regardless of what…Read More

  4. Basics About Plant Disease

    After a lot of consideration, you’ve decided to grow some plants in your home. While this may be your first time and you might be a little nervous, you’re looking forward to taking advantage of the fruits of your labor. Regardless of what you might be growing, Plug ‘N’ Grow™ Controllers is the opportune place to gather some information on taking care of plants. In addition, we sell produ…Read More

  5. Essential Tips For The Beginning Indoor Grower – Part Three

    Before you begin to read today’s blog post, take the time to read the previous installments in our series Part One and Part Two. In Part One, we go over choosing your indoor grow room carefully and picking the right containers. In Part Two, we go over choosing the right temperature and humidity controllers as well as the other equipment you’ll need. To finish up this series, we’ll be going o…Read More

  6. Essential Tips For The Beginning Indoor Grower – Part Two

    In Essential Tips For The Beginning Indoor Grower - Part One, we went over the first few tips you’ll need for your growing venture. In today’s blog, we’ll be covering the temperature and humidity controllers you’ll need to make your grow room a good environment for your vegetation. If you have yet to read this portion of our guide for indoor growing, then take the time to educate yourself …Read More

  7. Essential Tips For The Beginning Indoor Grower – Part One

    For those who are just starting out in indoor gardening, then you are on the right track of doing the proper research before you start setting up your operation. As a company that sells top-quality temperature and humidity controllers and grow room climate controllers, it’s essential that you set up your growing operation before you take the first steps toward purchasing your equipment. By first…Read More

  8. Welcome To Our Blog

    Welcome to our blog! We are excited to dive into the nitty gritty of indoor gardening with you. As a simple and reliable company for dependable temperature and humidity controllers and other products, we can arm you with the necessary knowledge you need to have a positive experience growing vegetation indoors. Our blog will explore the proper products to use for indoor gardening, the proper temper…Read More