For those who are just starting out in indoor gardening, then you are on the right track of doing the proper research before you start setting up your operation. As a company that sells top-quality temperature and humidity controllers and grow room climate controllers, it’s essential that you set up your growing operation before you take the first steps toward purchasing your equipment. By first doing the research, you’ll know all of the essential information you need before you start making some big purchases. Purchasing your equipment should come after thorough research, just like it should come after what you’ve decided what types of vegetation you’re going to grow. You wouldn’t start a large project without planning it out first, would you?

We sell many different products that will help your indoor gardening venture flourish, but it’s important that you start at the very beginning and that’s with some essential tips that will help you become an adept grower. Everyone needs to start with the basics before you can move forward and with these beginner tips, you can have the information necessary to ensure your vegetation is exactly what you expect. For any questions, you may have about where to buy products and the equipment, take the time to contact us.

Five Essential Tips For The First Time Indoor Gardener

You’ve probably decided already what you want to grow, that’s the very first step, but everything after your first decision is listed below to help you figure out the path you want to go on. These first few steps toward setting up your grow operation will ensure you’re taking the right steps toward having a positive grow experience. You don’t want to spend money on equipment and vegetation before you know what you’re doing. If you’re nervous that you don’t have that green thumb, then don’t worry, these tips will help you flex and stretch that thumb to further understand what you need to do to face this challenge head on. Growing anything is something that requires patience, but in the end, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Choose an Area To Start Growing

The first tip you need to do is designate a grow room or a space you want to coordinate into an indoor gardening area. You can pick an entire room you want to designate to your project or you can designate a certain area. Whether you want a big area or a small one, make sure it’s suitable for what you want to do. The space you pick should be an easy area to access, but one where you feel comfortable growing in. Indoor gardening allows you the privacy you need to control what happens to your plants. However, if you pick to place your indoor gardening area in the middle of the room, it can become bothersome for the people who reside in your home. It’s best to pick an area that’s out of the way and will be in a safe environment.

Start Small, But Think Big

You’re going to want to start small in your growing endeavors, but you’ll want to think big. Whatever you pick to garden, start with just a few plants, flowers, or other vegetation. You’ll want to start with a couple of plants, but always consider that you’ll want to grow more and have a bigger operation. When you start small with what you want to grow, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment and figure out what is effective and what is not working. Additionally, you won’t spend a lot of money in those first few months of your grow operation if you take a step in the wrong direction and need to purchase more plants or flowers.

Choose Your Light Carefully 

Picking the right light for your plants is detrimental to the development of your plants. The right lights in your grow room are one of the factors to creating an environment that yields you the fruits of your labor. By investing in the right light setup for your plants, you’ll create vegetation that’s lush and quality. Some of the best lights to use are high intensity discharge lights. These lights are a blend of output, value, and efficient in growing your indoor plants. These lights come in two types. There’s the metal halide, which gives the room a more blue-ish white and is the best for vegetation production. Then there are the high pressure sodium ones that produce light that’s more red-orange and is best while growing flowers. There are also fluorescent grow lights, LED grow lights, and induction grow lights. By picking the right light for your operation, you’ll create an environment that will enhance growth. Keep in mind, when you’re picking the right lights to use, choose ones that are energy efficient to help you stay within your budget.

Pick Your Grow Medium Carefully

The next tip you should consider is the grow medium you’re going to use. The grow medium is the type of material you’re using to grow your plants or flowers in. For example, the garden soil is the grow medium. For growing certain plants, you need a specific type of grow medium. Grow mediums range from the actual soil, which is traditional and is perfect for first time growers. The best choice for first time growers is to use organize pre-fertilizer soil or super-soil. There are also grow mediums that are soilless – also known as hydroponics. These grow mediums are made of mineral salt nutrients that are best for feeding the plants and absorbing the nutrients through the process of osmosis.

Determine The Right Container For Your Vegetation

The last tip you need to consider is the type of container you need for your plants. The container will depend on the system you have, the grow medium, and the size of the plants. As a beginner, you should use the flood-and-drain style because they are easy to control and they are best for a fewer amount of plants. This system is the tray-style system and you’ll use small net pots filled with clay pebbles or rock wool. The soil you’ll use is super-soil and the containers will be 10 gallon containers. If you’re trying to stay on a budget, then the disposable, hole plastic bags or cloth ones are best because you can focus more on smart pot containers for the airflow and the plant root zone. Many beginners start off with five gallon buckets because they are easy to use and the drainage is the best way to avoid water logged situations. Make sure whatever container you use has holes at the bottom to keep the plant healthy.

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